Sales Force Automation ( Web and Mobile ) Version 2

iSPRINT Funding For Packaged Solutions

As part of the move to simplify the grant application process, IMDA introduced the concept of pre-qualified infocomm packages supportable under iSPRINT. These bite-sized, ready-to-use solutions enable SMEs to start deploying IT into their operations quickly and easily.

The iSPRINT (Packaged Solutions) contains a list of solutions, both Off-The-Shelf and Pay-Per-Use that meet IMDA's prequalification requirements.

What does iSPRINT cover?

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Details of Package Solutions

Package SolutionsUnit cost(S$)Unit
(Per manday / device / License )
QuantitySub total
Standard ( Minimum items to be Purchased)

Software / Subscription Fees
a)Ezysales Order Head Quarter Admin Panel Web Application Server Software License 5980 Per company License 1 5980
b)Ezysales Order Sales Force Automation Mobile Application ( Android Mobile /Tab) 2400 Per device 1 2400
c)Workstation Ezysales Software License ( Multi User ) 2980 per license 1 2980
***( SME s Must purchase Standard Packages a,b&c )

Professional Services
a)Implemenation Charges 600 per manday 1 600

a)Training 600 per manday 2 1200

Total Standard Package Cost
( to be used as the " minimum cost of package")
less: Total Grant Support for Standard Package 9212
Net Amount Payable by SME 3948

a) Additional Ezysales Order Sales Force Automation Mobile Application ( Android Mobile / Tab) 2400 Per Device 1 2400

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